Art and Antique Moving Fort Collins

When you are moving moving your business to a new place there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. We provide full assistance in commercial moving for companies so they can get back to being productive as soon as possible.

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What is Art and Antique Moving?

Art and antique moving is the process of transporting valuable, fragile art pieces and other antiques. These items are often difficult to pack for a move because they’re either too delicate or too large. Art movers specialize in these types of moves so that your valuables arrive at their destination safely.
A professional company will begin with an on-site inspection before providing a cost estimate based on how many paintings, sculptures, furniture pieces etc., need to be moved. The final quote usually includes all packing materials and any necessary insurance coverage options you may want (e.g., total replacement value).

FOCO Movers are always available to help you move. But, if you have any antiques or artwork that needs special care from a professional mover, we can provide the services for your specific moving needs.
-We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle any artwork or antique that needs special care.

Local Moves

-Whether you’re moving across town or country, we can help.
-Moving large items can be difficult, but we have the knowledge and experience needed to complete your move.

Long-Distance Move

-Our specialty is handling your move correctly at an affordable price so that it’s hassle-free on your end with peace of mind throughout the whole process! Our experienced staff will make sure every detail is taken care of professionally to avoid damage or loss during transit – saving you time, money and potentially a lot.

Apartment Moving

How the moving process works?

-It’s as simple as filling out a one-page form, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate. We’ll then provide you with a written estimate and an on-site visit to your home where we can discuss the details of your upcoming move. -Based on our conversation, you will either decide to proceed or decline. There are no obligations! -Once you approve the quote, we’ll get back to you with a date. -We will arrive on time and ready to go! -Pack all of your belongings securely in boxes, or let us worry about it for you if that suits your needs better. We understand how difficult this can be when moving, so we take care of things for you. After packing up everything at our truck, they are brought into storage, where they stay until it’s time to load them onto the vehicle headed towards their destination.

Why choose our services?

-We offer competitive rates and unbeatable customer service.
-We have a team of experienced movers who are always ready to take on jobs large and small, whether it’s around the block or across the country.
-Don’t let your possessions get lost in the shuffle! We’re here for you every step of the way–from packing up everything at our truck until they arrive safely where ever they need to go.
-Punctual, dependable and experienced movers who take care of your items as if they were their own.
-Free estimates without any hidden charges or fees to determine the actual cost before you make a decision.

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