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When you are moving moving your business to a new place there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. We provide full assistance in commercial moving for companies so they can get back to being productive as soon as possible.

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The Services We Provide

Office Moving

There are a lot of things involved in moving a whole office. The equipment, furniture, documents are some of the things that needs to move during an office moving. We help both small and large scale office to move and settle down in new spaces. When you are a commercial space you need to make sure everything goes to it’s right spot. Missing or misplaced items can cause huge problems. We make sure everything in your office is labeled correctly and transported in an organised manner so that they can kept where they belong.

Furniture Assembly And Disassembly

Offices have a lot of furniture. They have way more furniture from a residential or apartment building. Offices will have desks, chairs, conference tables etc. tables are often screwed to the floor so they don’t move. We properly remove the desks and table from where they are secured, we disassemble the furniture, pack and load it in our trailers. This makes it compact for traveling, ensuring they take less space. Once all the furniture reaches the new office space our crew assembles all the furniture back to it’s true state. Fit in all the tables and desk where they belong.

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Packing Services

Packing services is another thing we provide during commercial moving. It is very important that all the material that is confidential goes with the owner or coordinator while the other stuff is properly packed to be transported. We provide containers that will hold small items, crades that will hold big items. We will pack things such as air conditioning systems, Tv, computers, CPUs, coffee machines and all other equipments in different cardboard boxes. These boxes are custom orders for large scale transportation such as an office. All the packing is meticulously labeled and a copy is given to the coordinator.


Coming to the transportation, we provide fairly affordable transportation while office moving. We help to transport all the furniture which may include hundreds of chairs and tables. We have trained drivers who driving trailers that are at a top notch condition. Multiple trailers and trucks would be required for commercial movement. A person is incharge of the whole things who looks over the process. All your office stuff is kept secure inside the trucks so they don’t get harmed in any way. These trucks reach their destination in time and sometimes ever before time.

We Help To Settle Everything

Moving out of the old office building might be difficult but settling in the new one is even more difficult for the commercial offices. We help to unpack and get everything set up in your new office. Assemble the furniture, attach it to the floor if needed. The chairs are placed where they should be. The computers, Tv and other equipments are attached to their places and the office is made fully functional ready to work.


Office belongs are very important who is coordinating the move. Having insurance for everything can help you save from accidents and losing your furniture in things like accidents.

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Why Should You Choose Us ?

We are one of the most reputed commercial moving company helping several commercial office move to different locations. We make the moving process hassle free and easy at an affordable price. With us the process process hardly takes two or so. We help our clients in every way possible from packing to unpacking and getting settled down in the new space.

We have skilled and certified workers who know how to transport and move commercial offices. We understand the importance of time, we know as a commercial office you would want to get back to work as soon as possible trying to get past the moving process be over with. We want the same, we work much faster than many of the moving companies in the locality. We also reply as soon as possible.