1. Does Storage Unit Come With Moving Company?

We do provide storage services with some extra payment. Our storage units are safe and keep your belongings secure for the time period you want to keep it in storage.

2. Will I Get Affordable Prices For Moving During Winter?

You might get affordable prices during winter because it is off season. However, as winter approaches roads become treacherous so it become s particularly difficult to transport things for that reason the prices might remain high.

3. How Should I Choose A Moving Company?

A moving company is easy to look up on the internet. You should see their credential and talk to the other customers they have worked if you are not sure.

4. How Do I Choose A Date For Moving?

You can choose any date you like, however we recommend you see the weather forecast first. Choose a day with a clear sky. We will confirm the move a week before the actual moving than again a day before moving so if you need to change your mind you can tell you beforehand.

5. How Will You Make Sure None Of The Items Are Missing During Transportation?

We make a detailed inventory of all the items we will be transporting. We will show you the inventory so you can sign it. You see we have mentioned all the items in the inventory. When we take down all the items in the destination we will go through inventory once again to make sure all the items are present from the list.

6. How Long The Whole Moving Process Take?

The whole moving process from packing to moving to unpacking shouldn’t take more than two days. In case of moving long distance the time may increase.

7. How Is The Estimation Done?

Our estimator will make a note of all the items you have. They will provide suggestion on the items you can lose to decrease the transportation cost. We charge according to weight and size of the material. All the materials will be weighed and measured for size then an estimation will be provided for you.

8. When Do I Need To Pay To The Movers?

You can pay once the whole moving process has been completed. Although, you might have to pay in advance for the insurance.

9. What Payment Methods Do You Take?

We take all payment method. You can pay through credit card, check or cash.

1O. Will The Cost Be Reduced If I Help Move?

No. We suggest our clients not to help as it may slow down the process instead of making it quicker. Our workers have a way of working they attuned to one another, interruption of any kind can make things difficult.

11. What Will Happen To Packing Material?

The packing material such as cardboard boxes, crates and other things will be taken back by us. You don’t have to take care of anything.

12. How Do I Trust The Movers With My Belongings?

We are professional movers. We have helped hundreds of people with moving. If it gives you any peace of mind, we can show you our licence and credential if you want. You can track the transportation trucks all the time to know where you belongings are.

13. What Happens If My Items Are Damaged During The Moving Process?

We offer basic and full insurance for all the belongings. In basic insurance you get reimbursed for some part of the damaged occured. For full coverage you will get fully reimbursed for the damage. You don’t have to pay anything for the basic coverage but you will have to buy full coverage insurance to make sure your things are fully insured.

14. Can I Save Money By Only Hiring Manual Labour?

You can hire manual labour but that wouldn’t cut down on the cost. You will have to rent packing material like boxes and crates etc. You will have to rent a truck, you will have to buy fuel and you will have to pay for parking as well. Not to mention the dangers of driving a truck filled with heavy items. In totality you will end up spending more than you will save. We recommend hiring your affordable services.

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