long Distance Moving From/to Fort Collins, CO

Moving long distance can become overwhelming if you do not have proper help, let us help you make the process simpler. Call us now to learn everything you need to know about long distance moving and us.

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Full Service Long Distance Moving

Packing and storage

We provide packing services as well as storage services. Long distance moving involves a lot of things and storage is not of the things to consider. We provide warehouse services to storage household item while you make the transition to a new state or country.

Our packing services can save you a lot of time and hassle. Packing requires a lot of energy. Buying or renting packing crates and boxes will cost you way more than hiring our full moving services. We provide special packing according to the material requirement. Fragile items are packed in boxes that keeps them safe during impact while heavy items are packed in easily movable crates.

We take care of your valuable furniture

Your heavy and valuable furniture is one of the most difficult things to transport. We will help to disassemble the furniture for easy transportation. We pack the disassembled parts of the furniture in a compact way so all your stuff securely fits in the truck or trailer for transport. Once your furniture reach the destination we will reassemble your furniture and keep it wherever you want in its new place.

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Residential Moving

Protection and insurance of your valuable items

We make sure your items stay safe all the time while packing, moving and transportation. However, in case of an accident we have got you covered. With our effective and smart insurance pan you spend a little and get fully tension free about the safety of your things. With the insurance we will give you 70% to 90% reimbursement of damaged item in the shipment. We help you to claim your insurance when needed, discuss replacement option if and when needed.

We move your belongings on time

We make sure to deliver your items on time. We understand how important your belongings are to you and how eagerly you wait for them to arrive so you can start with setting up your house. We have reimbursement policy in case of delays due to our fault.

Moving to a different state or country

You will hardly find an interstate or cross country moving company. They are rare and cost a lot more than they should. There are a lot of changes in rules of regulation when you are moving interstate of cross country. If you are moving by yourself there are a lot of things to keep in mind or all you can get stuck in one of the verification processes. We are a licenced company we are aware of all the laws and know how to do proper moving cross country or interstate.

How to choose the right Long distance moving company?

Make sure to check the long distance moving companies credentials before you hire them. See of their past work and customer testimonials. Make sure to check all the documents before you sign for anything, especially the note down your house item list. You should have proper communication means with a contact person from the moving team to always know the location of your belongings.

Commercial Moving

How To Prepare For Long Distance Moving?

1. Our estimator will visit your home for survey. They will make a note of all the items to be shipped, donated or thrown away. The working and quality condition of each of the items is noted for insurance purposes. A moving estimate is provided to you. All moving documents are made and signed by both the parties.

2. Change your address in all your important documents including in your SSN and the US Postal Service.

3. Start packing a week or two ahead of time. We will help you pack, you can name code each box to identify what is where.

4. Inform your neighbors and friends, family about the moving, say goodbyes.

5. Make sure to stop all the utilities in your old home before you leave or you will continue to get bills.