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Why should you hire professionals to move your Piano?

Piano is one of the most expensive music instruments. No matter if you are a pianist or acquired the piano from your ancestors, a piano holds both financial and sentimental value. Add to that, it has awkward and fragile parts, it is heavy and delicately made. Moving it without proper equipment and experience can quickly turn to disaster for both the mover and the piano. Professionals have the right equipment, gear, knowledge and experience to safely move Piano out of house and deliver to its destined place safely.

Moving your Piano with us

We help to move your Pianos from any move to any, weather it’s interstate or intercity or within the same locality. Our skilled workers prove manual help for physically moving the Piano out of your house, down the stairs outside your house or apartment building. We provide safe packaging for movement and shipment. We provide shipping services safety and without a scratch on your Piano.

How to choose the best Piano mover company?

Piano moving companies need to have proper licence for doing the job. Check for certification and licensing. See their customer reviews on online sites and ask around about their past project. More money does not always mean more safety. Some companies know people are willing to pay anything for the safe transport of their valuable piano, as a result they bid obscure amount of money that’s nothing but a rip off. Always do comparision if you can and see what is the regular market trend for piano moving instead of just choosing someone who is bidding too less or too exavarent.

Keep your Piano safe with our insurance

With basic insurance that is included with usual moving free you get around $0.30 to $0.60 per pound per article. It is the bare minimum we will cover in case something goes wrong. If you want more security you can buy an additional package plan. The insurance safety deposit depends on the size and weight of your Piano and the coverage can cover upto 50% to 70% of the estimated cost. We are meticulous about our shipping and moving projects we never let anything happen to the Pianos we ship and if something does happen and we take full responsibility for it and reimburse you accordingly.

How a Piano is transported?

Once you have confirmed you want our moving services we weigh and estimate the cost and sign a contract and insurance paper. We call you a day before moving to confirm the moving. We come on the scheduled time on the day of moving. Our movers will put moving blankets or any cushioning that is required for proper movement of the piano. The piano is either lowered through the balcony if there are no proper exits for the piano or moved out of the house or apartment with utmost safety. Once out the piano is strapped securely into the truck. Or the piano might also be put into a crate and shipped to the place it needs to be shipped. We make sure your Piano stays safe in the moving truck by attaching it securely to the truck.

Why Should You Choose Us ?

1. We are a licenced Piano moving company. We have shipped Pianos for several customers and we have years of experience in the area. 

2. Our movers are skilled and knowledgeable about how to safely move piano in tight spaces so as to not put a single starch on the beautiful instrument. 

3. We have all the necessary equipment and gears to safety move and ship heavy and awkwardly shaped things such as piano. 

4. We are one of the most affordable piano moving companies in Fort Collins

5. We know the Fort Collins, CO area very well, we can ship your piano effectively without getting lost. 

6. We take full responsibility for the safety of your piano. We have good insurance plans for the moving process so you can stay headache free during the whole process. 

7. We have a customer friendly and good-hearted staff that is always ready to help you whenever you need.